2. ROOTS
    Plant life is the Number one cause to sewer piping issues, trees and shrub roots while looking pretty and harmless and major hazards to a home's grey water system.
Sewer pipes and wastewater pipelines are not something a homeowner wants to think about. However it is a vital part of the home and property health. If the sewer system goes south, things can really hit the fan, immediatly call our trusted team at Buddy's Plumbing Inc., in Oklahoma City to professionally diagnose and manage your grey water system.
Clogged Drains
A problem as small as a drain clog can cause a huge headache. Our plumbing technicians are pros at handling the small stuff. Common signs of a clogged drain are: The obvious, standing water. Another can be foul smells. And a more tricking sign can be water spots on the lowest level of the home.

Camera Inspections
Sometimes it is the entire house that is having grey water disposal problems. In that case our plumbing technicians are also equip to handle the big stuff too! We offer pipeline camera inspections with DVD recordings. Just give us a call. There is no problem too big or too small for Buddy's Plumbing Inc. serving local the entire metropolitan area in Oklahoma
These videos below are examples of why you may need a new Sewer System:
  • Bellies
  • Roots
  • Busted Piping
Brand New Sewer Line
We pride ourselves on our in and out sewer replacements. All of our technicians are efficient and knowledable of a quality sewer system.
However we've got a couple guys who can pull out a bad pipline and install a brand new water waste system like you've never seen before.